The Muzzled Voice

About Me

My name is Tristine Denise. I have written various articles that have been published in magazines and ezines over the past 10 years. My first novel, She Is…, was published in 2005.

I have worked in corporate America most of my life, but recently ventured away from good pay and benefits, as well as backstabbing and injustices, to become a tour guide at Shoreline Sightseeing at Navy Pier in Chicago.

I recently moved from Chicago back to my hometown, Kenosha, WI to raise my family and to get away from the rat race of city living. Although I loved Chicago, at 40 years old, that lifestyle was too much to deal with.

I am expecting my second child in late May/early June.  My first son is now 23, so being pregnant 23 years later actually feels like the first time. And boy do I have a lot to learn!!

I’m engaged to a talented composer, Jared Fleming, and we are very happy to have made the move to Kenosha.


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